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Easter 2023


April 9, 2023

We are offering a Special Easter

ala carte Dinner Menu

from 11:30 to 6:00 p.m.

Including some Brunch Items that will be available till 2:00pm

Ala carte Menu available all day

Children’s Menu 24.95 for children under 12


For reservations call 908-806-6020



Easter Menu


First Course

Potato leek soup with diced potatoes and diced leeks          7.00 cup   9.25 bowl

​Seasonal greens tossed with sliced red onions and diced tomato in a balsamic herb vinaigrette         9.95

​Angel hair pasta with wild mushrooms, julienne prosciutto and asparagus in truffle oil

 with parmesan cheese          14.95

​Grilled seafood sausage with asparagus and wild mushroom risotto         14.95

​Grilled chicken sausage with black barley, bacon, and sweet peas in a smoked tomato vinaigrette           13.95

​BBQ pork ravioli with black and white sesame seeds, sautéed spinach and shitake mushrooms

 in a plum ginger sauce  13.95

​Duck ravioli with sautéed napa cabbage, shiitake mushrooms, and sweet peas in a spicy red pepper miso vinaigrette plum ginger sauce         14.95

​Vegetable spring roll with a mango and micro green salad in a mango coulis           15.95


Brunch Items

Grilled ham steak with a sweet potato, shiitake mushroom, leek and bacon hash with a poached egg         2195

​Ham, spinach and goat cheese omelet with diced potato and caramelized onions            17.95

​Poached egg with grilled meat loaf, Monterey Jack cheese sauce and potato and onion home fries          23.95

​Grilled salmon with an asparagus and red bliss potato salad in an asparagus and olive oil emulsion         23.95

​Poached eggs with hollandaise sauce, caramelized onion, bacon, sausage and spatzel home fries          19.95

Second Course

​Grilled beef tenderloin medallions with whipped potatoes, asparagus, leeks and diced carrots in a roasted garlic demi glace with red onion crisps          46.95

​Lightly battered chicken breast layered with sliced ham and Monterey Jack cheese in a roasted garlic demi glace with whipped potatoes, broccoli, button mushrooms and caramelized onions           29.95

​​“Shepherds Pie” braised diced lamb, carrots, celery, sweet peas and onions in a pastry shell

 with mashed potatoes         39.95

Sautéed sea scallops with orecchiette pasta, artichokes, asparagus, and sundried tomatoes in a

 roasted garlic vinaigrette          43.95

​Sautéed salmon with a wild rice and spinach risotto in a lemon butter sauce          36.95

​Sautéed shrimp with linguine, black olives, asparagus, leeks, cilantro and diced to tomatoes

in tomato and roast garlic vinaigrette          36.95

​Fettuccine with asparagus and roasted red and yellow peppers in garlic oil with fresh goat cheese          23.95



Rice pudding in a phyllo shell with toasted almonds, whipped cream and cinnamon cookies          10.95

​Assortment of sorbets with fresh fruit and berries         11.95

​Warm crepe with pastry cream warm macerated berries, and vanilla ice cream          12.95

​ ​Milk chocolate cappuccino mousse rolled in heath bar crunch in a caramel sauce         12.95

​Cheese cake with graham cracker crumb crust, fresh strawberries and black berries in a berry couils          12.95

​Vanilla ice cream Sundae with candied walnuts, sliced bananas, maraschino cherry, whipped cream and dark chocolate sauce            12.95


Split Plate Fee 7.00

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