Outdoor Dessert Menu







Assortment of sorbets

with fresh fruit and berries        8.25


Milk Chocolate Cappuccino Mousse

 rolled in toasted hazelnuts with dark chocolate sauce         $9.95


Warm Peanut butter Brownie

with vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce and dark chocolate sauce        $9.95


Cheese Cake

 with a graham cracker crumb crust and a berry coulis         $9.95


Carrot Cake

with cream cheese icing       $9.95


Rice pudding

With a phyllo shell, whipped cream and cinnamon cookies         7.95


Cheese Plate

- Truffle cheese, Danish bleu, Goat, Swiss with toasted spicy pecans, honey crisp

apples and toasted oat bread        $13.95


Fresh fruit        7.95

Scoop Ice Cream or Sorbet         $2.50