Winter Dessert Menu





Crème brulee          7.95



Assortment of sorbets with fresh fruit and berries           8.25



Cheese cake with a graham cracker crumb crust with fresh black berries,raspberries and strawberries in a berry coulis          8.95



Warm peanut butter brownie with vanilla ice cream and chocolate curls in acaramel and

dark chocolate sauce            8.25



Warm chocolate bread pudding with chocolate ice cream in a milk chocolateGodiva liquor crème

anglaise and dark chocolate sauce          8.95



Cappuccino and milk chocolate mousse with rolled in toasted hazelnuts withcinnamon crème anglaise and dark chocolate sauce          8.95



Rice pudding in a phyllo shell with whipped cream andcinnamon cookies           7.95



Fresh fruit          7.95



Fresh berries        9.95



Dessert sampler          14.95



Selection of Cheeses           10.25